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Dianne can offer a quick and candid strategy that can bring a resolution to your problem. Choosing the right document examiner is as important as choosing the right attorney. Forensic Document Investigations can make that difference.

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FAQ – Forensic Document Investigations

Forensic document examination is a field of scientific study designed to identify forgery and establish the authenticity of documents in legal disputes. Questions are common. FDI’s FAQ page helps to clear up some of those questions.

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What time frame do the comparison documents need to be from?

Ideally, the time frame would be within two years of the questioned document or as close as possible. We put together the best possible case before it is sent in for examination.

I only have photocopies, can you work with them?

Yes, photocopies can be examined although originals are always preferred. We recommend that clients make a formal written request for original documents if they do not have possession of them.

Can I take a picture of the questioned signature and just send it?

It is always recommended that the entire page of the document be sent. FDI will need to source where each signature originated from.

How do I send FDI my case?

United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, UPS, or scanned and sent in a PDF format by email.

FDI is no longer accepting faxes due to the low resolution of fax machines.

How do I make my payment for FDI services?

Clients that wish to pay with a credit card will be emailed a money request/invoice.

Do I get my documents back?

Yes! All materials are returned to the client after the case has been completed.

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