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Forensic Handwriting Expert

Dianne Peterson, the owner and president of Forensic Document Investigations (FDI). Dianne is independent, privately trained, and a court-qualified certified forensic document examiner (CFDE) and forensic handwriting expert. She has been examining questioned document cases since 2009.

Work With Me

As a handwriting specialist, Dianne has rendered more than 600 opinions on questioned document cases both nationally and internationally. Dianne's staff and her will be sure to handle your case with the utmost quality and integrity within the industry.

At FDI, we look forward to serving you and delivering nothing more than the truth in all of our questioned document cases. An expert opinion report can often facilitate a quicker resolve in almost all legal matters. A verbal or written opinion from us can often make a difference in settling your case.

Dianne's Work Experiences

Dianne gladly support the entire United States, Canada, and extended territories. Her previous cases have included:

  • California
  • New York
  • Kansan
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Virginia
  • Georgia

You may have seen me on “Swift Justice With Nancy Grace,” which was a show on CBS. Besides being a forensic handwriting expert, Dianne also works as a consultant for the following:

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
  • New York Times
  • Reader’s Digest
  • MTV
  • Business Weekly
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Get in Touch With Dianne Today

Call Dianne if you need help with the following:

  • Last Will and Testament Questioned Signature
  • Signature Forgery Victimization
  • Disputed Contracts Suspect Documents
  • Altered or Deletions to Documents
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Forged and Altered Checks
  • Identity Theft
  • Expert Witness
  • Real Estate Transfer
  • Land Deeds
  • Power of Attorney
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Change
  • Signature Verifications
  • Handwriting Identification
  • Threatening Letters
  • Anonymous Letters
  • Graffiti
  • Defamation of Character Letters
  • Accounting Ledgers
  • Medical/Dental Entries
  • Fraud
  • Forgery Conviction

Color photocopy image 40x magnification (red, blue, yellow ink spray)


Fluorescent security fibers -under UV light


Glistening black ink-original document

What Our Clients Have to Say:

Since 2009, FDI has been providing expert handwriting analysis and forensic support to questioned documents for our clients in Tennessee and throughout the United States. Our commitment to rendering nothing more than the truth has allowed us to help hundreds of satisfied clients. Call 1(888) 763-8881 today if you need a forensic document examiner that you can rely on.

B. Dumont

Executive Producer, CBS Paramount Productions

“Swift Justice with Nancy Grace” recommends Dianne Peterson”

J. Wellner

Researcher CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

“While CSI is a fictitious show, we still do our best to ensure the accuracy of our scripts. For this, we often rely on professionals in the forensic community. Whenever we have questions about forensic document examination, we call on Dianne Peterson as she has proved to be reliable, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. We couldn’t be more thankful for her help.”

Pierchoski Law Firm

Pulaski, TN

“Your ‘written letter of expert opinion’ made a tremendous difference in a recent case of my client. Your opinion convinced the DA to dismiss the charges and that saved my client at her parole revocation hearing. Thanks for your hard work.”

Tanisha in Atlanta


“My experience with Dianne has been wonderful. The services provided were very professional and very honest. I would definitely call her 1st if I needed any services like this in the near future. Also the company communicates very well, since everything is done over the internet. I rate services at 100%.”

S. Foster

Atlanta, GA

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your services in helping to resolve the mystery of persons signing my name. Thank you for your professional analysis and the assistance you have given me in this matter. Again thank you so very much for your help in this matter.”

A. Spain

Nashville, TN

“Dianne was great! She was very professional from start to finish. Dianne let me know what she was doing and explained everything she would do before she even started, which made it very easy for me to understand and get everything together for her to perform a expert opinion on a hand written document I needed looked at. Dianne was very fast and had everything back to me within a week! I think Dianne also has a great website with lots of information which can give an overall look on how she works. I would definitely recommend her to ANYBODY needing ANY type of documents viewed.”

S. Smith

Carrollton, GA

“Because of your friendly and outgoing personality along with your expression of concern, you have made our stressful and hurtful situation seem much less than it is and in addition gave us a beacon of hope.”


“I was glad to have your Expert Opinion in such a stressful situation. I was very impressed with the prompt service and the time and effort you applied to my case. Your expertise with integrity and honesty was greatly appreciated more than you know, given the circumstances I’ve
been through.”

C. Stanford

Carrollton, GA

“The turnaround was more than timely and way above what we expected.”

M. Martin

Harvest, AL

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your time, effort, and expertise in handling my case. I was so impressed by how professionally you went about things, yet taking the needed time to work my case. I will certainly extend my gratitude by telling all my friends and family to consult if they ever need your expertise.”

S. Williams

Jr., Esq., Atlanta, GA

“I was in a desperate need of the services from a professional and experience forensic handwriting examiner for an upcoming case. My searches lead me to Dianne. I got everything I wanted, needed and more from her services. She provided timely responses to my concerns, took the extra time to explain her findings and answer all my questions. I don’t have many cases requiring the service of a professional forensic handwriting examiner but I feel secured with knowing that when the need should arise, I have an ace up my sleeve.”

V. Shields

Campus President of City University School of Liberal Arts, Memphis, TN

“I am a high school principal and my school is located in Memphis, Tennessee. I had a mysterious document to appear in a class that troubled me. I looked throughout the city in search of someone who could help identify the author of the document. I found no one. I then moved my search from the yellow pages to the internet. It was there that I found Dianne Peterson. Once I explained the situation, she gracious took on this case. Because this was not a legal matter, I did not know what to expect. We are a small charter school who values the scholar’s safety. Dianne was patient and very thorough. She communicated with me every step of the way and kindly investigated all possible leads. Once she determined who the author was, she called and sent the school a very detailed report. I will definitely use Dianne again if ever the need arises. She is exactly what true customer service and quality service represent.”

L. Baumgardner

CEO of Meteorite Exchange Inc.

“With your help, after me dealing with eight years of stressful aggravation with the Department of Education, you saved me $75,000 and ended my nightmare. I am so thankful to you and wish to tell you, you are awesome and a hero to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Y. Koh

Atlanta, GA

“Dianne offered me professional service with her full attention to detail in a very timely fashion. If I had a question she had an answer for me. I was so pleased with my experience with Dianne. She has such a professional approach and knowledge about that industry that set me at ease. I would highly recommend Dianne to anyone who is looking to hire an analyst. Thanks Dianne, you’re one of the most excellent service providers I ever met!”

A. Harper


“I am very pleased with the service I received from Forensic Document Labs where they provided me with an expert opinion with respect to the validity of a signature which provided me with the needed knowledge and the basis for how I should proceed with my case.”

T. Love

“I was highly impressed by the attention to detail and care your firm provided to me. My daughter was in a harassment and slander struggle and your forensic document lab assisted us in proving the identity of the offender. I’ve received several phone calls listening to the entire situation and received a lot of support both emotionally as well as professionally from your firm during that time. Email correspondence and phone conversations made me feel like my case seemed important to your firm and made me absolutely comfortable knowing we were in good hands. I believe your firm went above and beyond your call of duty to assist me and your final report was very thorough. I can definitely recommend you to any one requiring your services. Thanks again for all you have done for us.”

S. Roller


“I wanted to thank you for providing your forensic document services for my clients questioned signature case. I found you cooperative and courteous throughout the case. Your explanation and analysis was clear and provided proof overwhelmingly that the questioned signatures were not authentic. Although our case did not go to trial, your analysis and opinion assisted in the dismissal of the case. I will not hesitate to use your services against and I have recommended you highly to many of my colleagues.”

J. Bradberry


“This firm has been fortunate in the recent past to employ the services of Dianne Peterson as a forensic handwriting expert. Ms. Peterson has been very helpful in assisting us in obtaining the necessary information for her to buffer her information. She has been very prompt and professional, and has delivered excellent analyses in the matters she has investigated for this firm. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Peterson for her professional testimony and services.”

D. Nickson


“In April 2013, my client retained Ms. Peterson to use her expertise in examining handwriting samples. Due to Ms. Peterson’s work, my client’s case resulted in a victory. Ms. Peterson was very professional in her delivery and provided a detailed analysis of her work. As a trial attorney of 18 years I would not hesitate to utilize her services again.”

T. A. Kontinos of TKInvestigations, Inc.

“I received your report yesterday and met with my client. They were very pleased with your examination and analysis… as was I! Thank you for professional opinion, and it was a pleasure working with you. Should I have the need for your services, I will call upon you once again.”

R. Brownlee

“It has been a pleasure working with Dianne concerning questioned documents. We have found that her professionalism and diligence in seeking the truth over questioned documents goes beyond others that I have dealt with before. Having been in Law Enforcement and Private Investigations for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many document examiners. I find Dianne among the best.”

S. C. Rouse


“I retained Ms. Peterson as an expert on two difficult cases. Throughout my involvement with her, I found her to be professional, accurate and willing to go above and beyond the usual to ensure that my questions were answered in a timely manner. The report/analysis I received, which summarized her work, was well written, clear, and helpful to the trier of fact. I highly recommend her to others who are in need of a handwriting expert. Should the need arise in the future I would not hesitate to call upon her again.”

J. Splinter


“Dianne, I just wanted to thank you for your work and update you. We have settled based upon your report, my client received an additional $20,000 in the final agreement. Thanks again! I will keep your information on hand for future use!”

B. Henley

“I am pleased with the professionalism that Dianne showed. My case was handled with integrity and in a way that my understanding of the results was explained to my satisfaction. I would recommend your business to anyone that asked.”

S. Sharify

“Dear Miss Peterson, I would love to say my experience with your firm was so very outstanding that I felt at home, there are many firms out there who claim to do the same thing your firm does but only your firm delivered what they claimed, I would give top ten for your professional outstanding honest kind work. Thank you.”

J. D’Hondt


“I am happy to write a review regarding my experience with Dianne Peterson. I was recently the victim of a person who forged my name on a Promissory Note that she recreated to replace the original Promissory Note in an attempt to defraud me out of $4,000. Because of Dianne Peterson’s prompt and thorough review of all documents and a beautifully prepared report by her, I not only won my case regarding the $4,000 but the individual was charged and pled guilty to forgery. Ms. Peterson explained her clear and concise findings in a manner that the judge had no problem reviewing. If I had not sought out Ms. Peterson, I find it highly unlikely that justice would have prevailed. Many thanks to Dianne and her staff for their help in this matter. Should I ever find myself in need of a handwriting expert again, there is no doubt who I
will call.”

D. Rogers

“Your service was amazing and so correct I could not have done this without you! Thank you.”

G. Johnson

“I had a good experience with Dianne. She was exceptionally professional, examined the documents I provided in depth, and wrote a highly detailed report regarding her examination. Should the situation arise, I would again employ Dianne.”

C. Whitfield Caughman

Senior Corporate Counsel

“Dianne Peterson with Forensic Document Investigations is an amazing resource that I would recommend to anyone. Her services are not merely useful in active disputes; she recently helped me prevent an emerging and potentially costly one. Her quality analyses and expedient response times are unparalleled. Going forward, I will call her early and often.”

N. Winters

“I would love to write a testimonial on the work that Dianne did for my son and me. She did an excellent, very professional job proving that the document in question was indeed a forgery. She also made follow-up calls and showed true, heartfelt concern. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”